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Engineering a Future Workforce

Thank you for the generous donations on our Crowdfunding project! It would be great to see more funds raised to get closer to the target.

All monies will be allocated to two exceptional equipment in our Technology department. The laser cutter was crucial in the first lockdown 2020 when our team of volunteers used it for the production of face shields for keyworkers during the national PPE shortage. They produced 1300 face shields to ensure that crucial health provision could continue in the community.

This laser cutter machine that is now in need of replacement. We want to provide all our students with the best equipment to support their learning. This will be a huge investment in our students and for them to reach higher education and work-based training as already trained and experienced young adults.

We would greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time to watch the video link below and to kindly pledge a donation to this project. Should you or your linked organisation wish to discuss this further or offer other options, please do not hesitate to contact the College. All donations are welcome, either as an individual or if you could share this widely.

On behalf of the students and staff at the College, thank you again for your time and kind contribution.

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