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Eggbuckland Community College supports Plymouth Soup-Run

The Plymouth Soup Run is a community and faith driven service providing free food and hot drinks to homeless, hungry and vulnerable people 365 days a year. It is run by dedicated teams from local churches and communities in Plymouth. The teams go out each evening from Monday to Saturday serving the food and drink at four stops around the city. On Sundays a soup kitchen opens at the Shekinah Mission, serving between 8:30pm and 10:00pm.

This term staff from the College have been supporting the Monday Night Soup Run which goes out from Hope Baptist Church in Peverell. The first evening saw them preparing the food, which always includes at least a cup of hot, homemade soup, a hot drink, sandwiches and a cake, and last Monday it was our team’s turn to take the prepared food to those on the streets. For many of the team, it was the first time they had taken part in the Soup Run. It is hoped that in the future we will have a regular spot on the rota for an Eggbuckland Team.

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