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Eggbuckland Around Devon reaches the North Pole!

It’s been great to see that our brilliant community of students, parents and staff have been getting out and staying active.

Your fantastic feet and powerful peddling during lockdown now stands at around 2750 miles!

Furthest foot travellers: Mia Endacott and Holly Johnston both completed a marathon, Freddie Williams has met 10,000 steps every day during lockdown and Abbie Steer completed 40 miles to claim our longest journey in a week.

Biggest bikers: The longest single weeks were Owen Miles with 89 and 70 miles and the highest cumulative total goes to Kenzie Cole with an amazing 362 miles.

Most frequent uploaders: Kelan Taylor recorded 6 times but was just topped by Rowan Everleigh and Joe Routledge with 7 uploads each.

Thank you and well done to all who have travelled and uploaded distances but especially our brilliant students. 😊

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