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Day in the life of a Year 7



How did you feel about starting at Eggbuckland?

I felt both excited and nervous about joining Eggbuckland. I knew it was a really good school.

How easy was it to make friends?

I have made many new friends since starting at Eggbuckland. I am glad that in my tutor group is my friend Tilly, who I have been friends with since Primary school.

Favourite lesson?

My favourite lesson is P.E. I have always enjoyed sports and play for a girl’s football team on weekends.

Favourite food from The Boardwalk (our canteen)

I bring a packed lunch to College, although sometimes I really like having the Pizza from The Boardwalk. The food looks and smells amazing each day.

The best thing about Eggbuckland is…

The best thing about Eggbuckland is meeting new people and having different and enjoyable lessons compared to primary school. I also like the freedom in social time.

When I’m older I would like to be….

When I am older, I would like to be a showjumper or something to do with cross county horse riding.

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