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Covid update : March 25th

As you will be aware, Covid rates across Plymouth ( and the South West) are high and the impact of this on staff absence rates across all employment sectors is a challenge to manage.

We are aware of schools in Devon already being forced to close the school for specific year groups and remotely deliver the lessons to these students. Please be assured that schools do not make these decisions lightly; we are very aware of the destabilising impact it has on our families, the community and the students’ education.

Currently, Eggbuckland has no intention to close the College to specific year groups. We are not at that point yet. However, if our staff absence rate continues to increase to the point where we cannot staff all lessons and ensure the safety for all our super students, we may have to consider this option. Fingers crossed, this will not be necessary and Eggbuckland will remain proudly open to all our students.

Many thanks for your continued support.

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