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Covid Update : 16th October 2020

We are aware of the term ‘circuit break’ being used more frequently by social media. We understand this term to mean an extended period of ‘lockdown’ that may be enforced in various parts of the country. The talk is to wrap this circuit break around the October half term.

Whether the Government has the intention to introduce a circuit break or not, we believe it is the right time to clarify with you how education will continue should a period of home study be enforced.

From Friday October 23rd through to and including Monday 2nd November, the College will be closed to students. This is for the October half term and two staff training days.

Apart from the days above, should students be at home, we will be offering a full timetable of live face to face (but virtual) lessons. These will be on Microsoft Teams. Students simply accept the invitation from the teacher sent to their email account and this takes them to the live lesson. Students have been taught how to access these invitations, how to join the lesson and our expectations of their participation in them.

Let’s hope a circuit break does not happen, but at least we are all prepared for one should it happen.

This update is sent with our warm wishes to you all.

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