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Covid Testing update

If, like us, you can be a little baffled by the constantly changing situation about PCR and Lateral Flow testing, we have summarised the latest situation below.

From 11 January, people without Covid symptoms who receive a positive lateral flow test (LFT) test result for coronavirus (COVID-19) will be required to self-isolate immediately, but won’t be required to take a confirmatory PCR test. If this person then develops Covid symptoms the self-isolation should continue and a PCR should be taken.

This is a temporary measure while COVID-19 rates remain high across the UK. Whilst levels of COVID-19 are high, the vast majority of people with positive LFT results can be confident that they have COVID-19.

After reporting a positive LFT test result, they will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace so that their contacts can be traced.

In line with the reduced self-isolation approach announced on 22 December, anyone who tests positive will be able to leave self-isolation 7 days after the date of their initial positive test if they receive 2 negative LFT results, 24 hours apart, on days 6 and 7.

I hope this summary helps!

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