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Covid Testing update

Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs)

We were conscious that the supply of LFTs we gave to all our families will have run out. It is tremendously frustrating that no further supplies have been delivered so that we can resupply you with more tests. We thank you for your patience, that I am sure is running a little thin!

As soon as we are re-supplied with LFTs, we will ensure all students are supplied with more boxes.

There is a growing supply that can be obtained in a number of ways for you to continue testing your child(ren) twice a week. You may wish to order your free packs of rapid flow tests, using the following link below. Boxes of 7 LFTs will be sent directly to your home.

LFTs can also be acquired from local pharmacies (and we are told the Guildhall too).

Please note that we are still strongly encouraging all students to wear facemasks in public areas and at times in the College day when social distancing is difficult.

Many thanks for your support and understanding.

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