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Covid 19 update : October 1st

Although the trend is decreasing, positive Covid cases are still high in Plymouth and we are all keen to further reduce this. All schools have been advised by Public Health Devon to remind parents and carers of the following:

  • We are asking all students to continue with twice weekly lateral flow testing to help identify cases promptly. These should be conducted at home and parents/carers are requested to notify the College of positive test results.

  • The College will continue to provide hand sanitising stations in all/ near all classrooms and main entrances to all buildings. Please encourage your children to wash their hands regularly and hand sanitise throughout the day.

  • Existing ventilation measures within school will remain in place.

  • We continue to strongly recommend that all students wear face masks in communal areas indoors and when moving between classrooms.

Many thanks for your continued support, it is very much appreciated.

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