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Class of the week : 3 winners!

As usual, we have been inundated with recommendations from staff about why a particular class they teach should be recognised as ‘Class of the Week’. This week was a particularly difficult week to select one winner, so we have chosen three.

Winner ONE.

Miss Moynet’s French class for ongoing communication, video calls and letters they are writing, in French, to their French pen pals at the Collège St Vincent à Brest. Mrs Moynet comments, “Félicitations à chacun de vous. Vous êtes tous merveilleux.”

Winner TWO

This goes, to quote Mrs Mills, to her, “Utterly divine” Year 8 class. They are currently working studying various internationally recognised artists including David Hockney, Yayoi Kasama, Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol. Mrs Mills is very impressed at their standard of work and is super proud of her whole class.

Winner THREE

Mr Piper’s ‘simply brilliant’ Year 9 maths class who always work to the highest possible standard and put in 100% when it comes to effort.

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