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Class of the Week

Class of the Week 1

It is another double winner of the Class of the Week accolade.

I was delighted to be invited to Mrs Tedder’s Fashion class to see the handmade dresses designed and made by the students for the charity, ‘Dress a Girl around the World’.These wonderful little dresses will add a little colour and fun to the lives of those families living in poverty.Mrs Tedder comments, “Each student has worked so hard on their dresses and has shown a tremendous amount of compassion and empathy towards the girls who may wear these dresses.”

Class of the Week 2

Mrs Mills calls her Year 8, “Totally awesome and fantastic,” and is so proud of the way her students responded artistically to a poem reflecting the life of insects. Mrs Mills continues, “Each student worked with real concentration, accuracy and preciseness to produce some really detailed pictures of bugs and insects. They are a fantastic class full of wonderful individuals.”

Another worthy winner of this accolade! Well done to you all.

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