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Celebrating the work of students in STEM

Following a 10 week Go4SET STEM project, Eggbuckland had 9 students at the Go4SET celebration day on Thursday. Our two teams had done some fantastic work and they were a credit to the College throughout the day.

One team comprising of Lauren Cowling, Kenzie Dennis, Alfie Dickson, Freddie White, Oscar Agnew, and Nyiah Bennets, supported by Steve and Jack from Babcock, chose the “My School is an Island” project, updating the STEM curriculum to STEW (Science, Technology, Engineering and Water sports).

The other team with Ellie Price, Hannah Greaves and latterly Keira Henschke, supported by Luke from the University of Plymouth, designed an Eco hotel, taking the Eden Project form and adding rooms, so people can relax in a lovely warm climate without having to travel far.

The models, displays, reports and presentations of both teams were brilliant and they both received a lot of great feedback throughout the day. We would like to thank everyone involved.

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