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Art Year 9 - Day 4 Design Lab Nation

Wow wee! What an experience! Our final day was back at The Box, Plymouth where we looked at “Dress Code – Fashion Stories from The Box”, an exhibition of items which are stored by the museum as well as stories about Clarks, Berkatex and Jaeger (currently on until 4 September). Items that date back to the 1500s as well as garments and textiles from the years since.

Students were then asked to develop their sketchbook ideas into actual garments and lots of work on sewing machines then took place as the creatives recycled fabrics. It was wonderful to see them using team work skills and the knowledge from the previous days to produce their work. Back at Eggbuckland, students continued with after college sessions and working at home and their work is currently on show in our Summer Exhibition.

We are very proud of their accomplishments and pleased that we have been able to take part in Design Lab Nation. Thank you to the students who said “Yes!”, the parents for their unending support, Danielle C for the inspiration and Adam M from the Box for co-ordinating the entire event.

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