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A new Newsletter Feature - Getting to the Root of Things

At Eggbuckland, as part of our literacy drive, we show students why we use the words that we do. We feel it may be something that parents and the community may find interesting too.

Finding out where words come from can help us enormously when we learn new words. It’s better than a Tesco ‘Buy one get one free’! Knowing what the root of the word means then allows us to work out so many more new words which have the same root. For example, this week’s root is “terra”, from the Latin meaning “earth” or “ground”. We can then see how ET, the extra terrestrial came from beyond the Earth. A bike which is all terrain is fit for all types of ground. A subterranean tunnel is under the earth/ground. Sadly when we have to inter someone, we put them in the ground.

Each week, there will be a new root word.

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