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A Mossy Message from Mrs Mills

“As Head of Art and Design and a champion of Textiles I could not let this opportunity go by. A company called Art and Energy are currently working on The Mossy Carpet which was in The Box over October half term as a project. It is about to move to the Theatre Royal and they are hoping that it will get communities talking/thinking about the importance of our environment moss and tardigrades.

Currently, The Box has an exhibition Dutch Flowers | The Box Plymouth and I must admit that they didn’t look very interesting, but they are so much more. The paintings are glorious examples of Still Life but also have exquisite examples of insects that are exciting to find. It has commentary about sustainability, cut–flower production and distribution across the centuries and is very much cross-curricular. The Mossy Carpet was at the back of the gallery and we went to investigate further. The project is asking for support in creating a 100m carpet which will get people talking about the importance of moss in the environment and will eventually be on display at Hampton Court next Summer. Search for The Mossy Carpet on YouTube to learn more.

We made pompoms with KS3 on a Wednesday after college and have ensured my Textiles groups are involved too. If you are interested please contact school cmills@eggbuckland.comas we would like to get the school community to knit/ crochet or pompom. Staff have already started to donate wool and threads and we are already discussing sustainability and the importance of repurposing old textiles. We will be sending the woollen creations to Art and Energy to add to the Mossy Carpet which will then go on to Hampton Court.

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