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A change to our GCSE options process for our current Year 8 into 9

We have taken on board the very valid concerns expressed by some parents (and a growing number of students) about how early we run the Year 8 GCSE options process and the limitations of the information we give to families to support their choices. In short, the general consensus is that from the information we hand out, students and their families are not always fully aware of what our GCSE optional subjects will actually involve. In addition, making these important choices after only one year and one term at Eggbuckland is too early for many of our students who need more time in subjects in order to really get to know both the value and the interest they have in them.

I really could not argue with these concerns and in consequence have made some changes. Therefore, for our current Year 8 cohort, we have made the following decisions.

1) The difficult choice of selecting the GCSE option will be delayed until the spring term in Year 9.

2) During Year 9, we will be giving all students a block of time in each of the option subjects we are offering. By doing this, we are confident that students and families will make informed choices.

3) At the start of Year 9 we have a focus on careers and the basket of qualifications that may be desirable for specific career routes. Again, this will support informed decisions about what combination of options to take.

A sincere thank you to the parents and students who have contributed to this decision and made their thoughts known.

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