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Psychology, Sociology & Health and Social Care


Level 3 A Level  

Course Leader: Mrs T Pike


Level 3 AS Level / A Level  

Course Leader: Mrs T Pike

Health & Social Care

Level 3 OCR Cambridge Technical

Course Leader: Mrs T Pike

Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Entry requirements

  • High average point score with a range of grades from 4-9 with grade 6 in Maths Students who fall below this will need to complete a suitability assessment

  • A curiosity for how we think and behave

  • An interest in researching and reading around topics

  • The ability to apply maths and research methods to topics

Why choose this course?

Psychology allows us to understand the workings of the mind and interpret behaviour that we see based on this. It will also look at the way research is conducted and how this can affect the knowledge and ideas that are common in society.

Because of this exploration of the way we think  and the ability to analyse data this course is the perfect accompaniment to many other A levels and can be used to access a great many HE courses and careers.

This subject has no coursework so those choosing it must be able to write well in exams and have good study skills allowing them to retain and apply knowledge.

  • Level 6 or above in English and level 4 in a humanities subject

  • A keen interest in how our social world works

  • A taste for controversial ideas and debate

Why choose this course?

Sociology is a subject that students can relate to.  It’s interesting and relevant to everyday lives, meaning you can immediately engage with the topics even if you haven’t studied Sociology before.


It is a subject which encourages you to develop excellent thinking skills and a real respect for the social diversity around you – useful skills for Higher Education and working life. 


Above all, Sociology asks real and challenging questions about the society we live in. Sociology can be studied successfully alongside the range of advanced level subjects on offer.

Web Links

Web Links

Course content

Examination Board - AQA

Course content

Examination Board - AQA

A Level - Year 1

Year 1 Introductory topics in psychology

  • Social influence

  • Memory

  • Attachment

  • Psychopathology

  • Approaches in psychology

  • Biopsychology

  • Research methods

  • Issues and debates in psychology


A Level - Year 2

Psychology in context

1 topic from each of the 3 sections

  • Relationships or gender or cognition

  • Schizophrenia or eating behaviour or stress

  • Aggression or forensic psychology or addiction

  • Plus issues and debates in psychology as well as content from year 1 at a more advanced level

Sociology helps us understand how our society works. It looks at class, education, achievement, families and the roles that all these play in how it functions. It asks questions about how they interlink and the effect they have both individually and collectively. We look at who achieves and who doesn’t, criminal behaviour, women, media and deviance. If any of this interests you then sociology is for you!


Year 1 : Compulsory content

  • Education

  • methods in context

  • Research methods

  • Optional content

  • Families and households


Year 2 : Compulsory content

  • Crime and deviance

  • Theory and methods

  • Optional content

  • The media

  • Level 4 in maths and a level 5-6 in English is required

  • Excellent time management and the ability to write flowing coherent English as this course has a large coursework element

  • Ability to independently research topics and add this to coursework

Why choose this course?

All sectors of the public need care at times. The very young, old and sick need it much of the time. Caring for people directly, like doctors or nurses, as well as indirectly, in administration or technical ones.

All medical based courses, including nursing and midwifery, require further education, usually at degree level. It will be essential for ALL students to take at least one, but preferably 2 A levels alongside this qualification if they are planning this as a career path.


They must also ensure they undertake work experience to broaden their appeal.

This course will allow access to other routes in health and social care.

Web Links

Units are all board prescribed and mandatory

  • Positive relationships (coursework)

  • Health and safety (exam)

  • Equality, diversity and rights (exam)



Units include

  • Anatomy and physiology (exam)

  • 2 other non-mandatory units that will be chosen when the students begin their course but could include nutrition, disabilities, sexual and reproductive health, dementia, psychology or sociology


These units will be taught across 2 years to form the Extended Certificate.

No qualification is possible in 1 year.

Possible career pathway

Course content

Examination Board OCR Cambridge Technical

Possible career pathway

Routes include higher apprenticeships, higher education, Armed Services and entry level jobs. Areas include police, clinical work, forensics, health and social care.

Possible career pathway

Sociology students are welcomed by Higher Education institutions - it has been taught at universities since the beginning of the 20th Century - and in many areas of the world of work.  Sociologists are to be found in all walks of life, taking up careers, for example, in the police force, social work, human resources, management, teaching, nursing, market research and the civil service.

All areas of Health and Social Care including apprenticeships, foundation degrees or undergraduate degrees. All medical based courses, including nursing and midwifery, require further education usually at degree level. It will be essential for ALL students to take at least one A level alongside this qualification if they are planning this as a career path. They must also ensure they undertake work experience to broaden their appeal to the HE institutions.

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