School Ethos and Values

Vision, Aims, Ethos & Values


School Aims

Austin Farm Academy strives to be an inclusive school that serve the community with quality education with a 'village school ethos' To achieve this goal we will:


  • Provide a broad, balanced and personalised curriculum which inspires and motivates individuals to achieve their full potential and equips them with the necessary skills to be life long learners.

  • Provide opportunities for physical, emotional, moral and social development to enhance the health and well being of each individual.

  • Foster self esteem and respect the needs, values and opinions of all members of the school community and beyond.

  • Enable all members of the school community to have a voice that is valued and that leads to positive action.

  • Create a safe, caring, welcoming and purposeful environment.

  • Provide opportunities for children to experience activities outside of the school day either directly or through working closely with other agencies.

  • Agree, develop and maintain good standards of behaviour.

  • Recognise and support the needs of those who work with our children.

  • Treat all members of the community with a sense of equality regardless of race, gender, ability or age.

  • Provide opportunities for children to learn about making Healthy and Safe choices.

  • Work together with parents/carers to inform them about their child’s learning and how they can support them.


School ethos and values

We aim to provide a caring and orderly environment where each person is valued. Good manners, mutual respect and the understanding that we are a team of pupils, staff, parents and governors all working co-operatively is paramount to life at Austin Farm.


The school encourages positive behaviour by creating classroom rules designed by the children and their teacher. Pupils have the opportunity to learn and develop personal effectiveness skills and the knowledge required to facilitate their pathway through life. Assemblies and gatherings plus reward systems encourage and allow for the celebration of achievement (see Behaviour Policy). Where necessary, appropriate sanctions are applied if the agreed behaviour policy is not adhered to.


The views of all partners in the school are valued. There is a well organised School Council that has representatives from the whole school, ensuring that different voices are heard. We encourage parents to be involved in their children’s education as we see this as a vital part of their development. Involvement with the community is also seen as an important part of our role.


Equal Opportunities

Austin Farm Primary School is enriched by and celebrates the diversity of culture, beliefs, practices, customs, physical and intellectual abilities and life experience of the whole school community. We aim to maintain and develop an inclusive school culture that fosters acceptance and respect for diversity. In doing so, we seek to deepen understanding and knowledge, promote student and staff wellbeing and help everyone achieve their full potential. Consequently, discrimination, harassment, vilification, bullying and victimisation will not be tolerated at Austin Farm Primary School under any circumstances.


Pastoral care

All matters of pastoral care are dealt with initially by the child's Class Teacher or the attached Teaching Assistant. Further assistance may involve the Deputy Headteacher or Year Group Co-ordinators and ultimately the Headteacher.


At lunch time those staying for meals come under the general care of the Headteacher and Meal Time Assistants.


It is possible for parents to have a consultation with the School Nurse who visits school regularly and is available via an appointment which may be arranged through the school office. She also operates a drop in service - dates of these can be obtained from the school office.


The Police Community Support Officer regularly visits the school to discuss a range of issues including, Strangers, Road Safety, Drugs and Rail Safety. He sometimes contributes to class topics.


We have two members of staff who have been trained as counsellors and are able to offer this as a service to youngsters who need a friendly ear when things worry them. A worry box is situated in the hall and is checked daily and followed up if concerns are expressed by children.


All Teaching Assistants, Teachers and Mealtime Assistants have been trained in first aid.