Vision & Values


Our students will leave us proud of who they are, what they have achieved and empowered with the skills and competencies to shine in the next stage of their lives.  Our students will become ambitious and gain the outstanding results necessary to give them exciting career prospects.  Students will be proud of Eggbuckland.


Our students will receive an engaging, broad and academically challenging curriculum delivered by outstanding teachers and support staff.  Students will access broad learning pathways that ensure they maximise their chances of obtaining the ‘perfect job’. 

Teaching and Learning

We are determined that every lesson is delivered by outstanding teachers in a stimulating and engaging environment.  Every child has the right to an outstanding education regardless of their background or ability.  


We have built a culture of high expectations where all students and staff enjoy a disruption-free classroom climate.  Engaging lessons, a stimulating environment and continually reinforcing the importance of ‘doing the right thing’ and ‘social responsibility’ are important dimensions to why we continue to be a happy, purposeful and successful College.


We are committed to nurturing the leadership qualities in every individual at Eggbuckland.  We will continue to be open and transparent in all we do and recognise the importance of students and staff working together to achieve excellence.


We have strong and informed Trustees that hold the College to account.


It is imperative that students, staff and our community are safe, cared for and enjoy a culture that supports each individual.

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  • We remain uncompromising in our belief that education improves lives, promotes wellbeing and tackles all forms of discrimination.

  • We are incredibly proud of the Eggbuckland community.

  • We are relentless in our ambition for and support of our young people.

  • We celebrate diversity and inclusion.

  • We show and model respect and tolerance to all in our community.