COVID:19 VIRUS UPDATE : information for our parents and community

Letter to Parents - Aim Group Mental Health courses - July21

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A message from Public Health England to Plymouth Parents

5th July is when students ‘roll’ to next year’s timetable

Student return information - March 8th

A quick reminder about our behaviour policy

We appreciate that over the last year students have had much time out of College.  We will always be understanding that these periods of lockdown may have implications for some students when they return to their normal routines. Our priority until the end of term will be to support their wellbeing, rebuild relationships,  and enable them to connect in a positive manner with their peers.   However, our whole College behaviour policy remains the same; information regarding this is available through the ‘Policies’ section of our website.

A sincere thank you in advance for your support in ensuring your child understands and values the rules and expectations for our College. Working together we can ensure all students return to a calm, engaging, disruption free and safe classroom learning experience for all.

Clarification on wearing face masks / screens from March 8th

Following our newsletter article about the staggered return of our students from March 8th, we received some requests from parents to clarify our expectations of face coverings. 

As a College, we are following the guidelines set out by the DfE which strongly advises (there is no legal obligation) the wearing of face coverings when in close proximity to others to reduce transmission. In the first instance, this would be the fabric face coverings as these are known to be most effective in minimising the spread of the virus, but the plastic face visors can also be worn  (but are less effective in reducing transmission).

Eggbuckland Community College is strongly recommending that face masks are worn by all students at the following times to protect your child and our wider community:


  • arriving and leaving the College site,

  • in the corridors whilst moving between lessons,

  • in lessons where it is not possible to remain socially distanced from each other, (if your child is in a lesson where it is possible to distance then there is reduced need for a mask/visor  to be worn), and

  • during social time when students are sat talking to their friends indoors. 


When outdoors and socially distanced, there is no need to wear a screen or visor.

We are strongly recommending that face coverings are worn and will be actively reminding students to wear them during these times.  However, we ( and all schools) are aware that the DfE guidance is clear, students not wearing a face covering cannot be a barrier to them receiving an education. In light of this there will obviously not be any sanctions for students not wearing them. Equally if your child is medically exempt from wearing a face covering, they can continue to carry/wear their ‘sunflower’ lanyard/card if they choose.


For your interest, there is additional information for parents from the DfE which can be found here at this link:

Information about uniform from 8th March

When students arrive for their scheduled (and first of three) Covid tests on the week starting 8th March, we are happy for them to wear mufti. 

We appreciate that students grow and even in a two month period of lockdown since January trousers may appear shorter and blazers tighter !  Therefore, we are keen to take a sensible and reasonable approach to our high expectations of College uniform.  With the closure of all non-essential shops being lifted on the 12th April (Easter Holiday) the College will expect that all students are in the correct uniform for the start of the summer term on Monday 19th April.  

However, for the rest of this term we anticipate that most students will be able to fit into and wear the uniform they wore during the Autumn term.  All our uniform can be purchased from the Trutex Schoolwear & more school uniform shop, Unit 3 Sugar Mill, Billacombe Road, PL9 7HT (next to the Range).  They are also offering a click & collect service. All items can be ordered on-line & below is the link to the website:

Uniform basics such as tailored school trousers; socks and tights; plain black V-neck jumpers; plain black, tailored knee length school skirts; tailored school shirts (not polo shirts) can also be obtained at reasonable cost and quality through most large supermarkets. In addition to this, Next (Marshmills) are offering a Click & Collect service, as are Marks & Spencer (Drakes Circus and Crownhill).  Specialist uniform requirements include: the school tie, school blazer, school shoes, the school skirt for KS3 only. College ties can also be purchased from our College shop at a price of £7:00.

The Compass (in College) also has a stock of clean second-hand blazers which we are happy to loan in the interim, while waiting for new uniform. If you require this service then please contact your child’s Head of Year. Please be aware that this is a limited service and it will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

If you have been unable to obtain the correct uniform for your child for the week commencing 8th March, your child please contact their Head of Year, in the first instance.


Lateral Flow Testing from March 8th

As a College we have been asked to facilitate the students taking their tests in College on three occasions before we ask students to take the testing kits home for administration.  

College staff will not be administrating tests on children as we are not medically trained to do so. We will however be supervising the process of students self-administering the test themselves.   If you or your child do not want to engage with the testing programme in College then that is your choice as a parent, simply do not complete the online testing consent form. There will obviously be no sanction or judgement attached to this decision. However, we hope that the vast majority of students do take these tests as it protects everyone in our wider community.  


If you wish to come into College to support your child having these initial tests, or you have other concerns about how your child might not cope with the test,  please contact your Head of Year.

The correct equipment to learn from March 8th

To ensure a positive start to your child’s return, please ensure that they are attending College with the full and correct essential equipment. 

A bag (large enough to carry a slim-line A4 folder and a pencil case

KS3 (Yr 7-9) – own reading age appropriate reading book

Homework books for their lessons that day

Pen (and a spare)

Pencil (and a spare)


Please note that to remain COVID-safe staff will be unable to loan students equipment during the lesson.

Should you face any problems obtaining these items inform the relevant Head of Year.

Year 11 – “Show us what you know week”


Please find below the latest information regarding how Year 11 students should collect and return their assignment papers to us for “Show us what you know week” which begins on 22nd February.


We are certainly looking forward to the safe return of all our students!



Richard Whitehouse

Assistant Principal – Raising Standards Leader

Click here for more information


Covid update : January 5th 2021

Letter to parents - January 2021 arrangements - (click here)


Covid update : December 31st 2020

Start of term information: a brief summary for you - (click here)

Covid update : COVID and the December Holiday

Dear Parent/Carer,


On Wednesday of this week, schools received some complex guidance from the DfE schools about how, working together, we can keep to a minimum the numbers of families having to self-isolate over the festive period.  Attached is a summary which I hope you will find useful - COVID and the December Holiday - click here.


Warm wishes,


Matthew Corrigan 

Covid update : information for our Year 11 parents - November 18th 2020 

COVID 19 at Eggbuckland Community College - Year 10

18th November 2020

Dear Parent / Carer of a child in our Year 10


We have been advised by Public Health England that there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19 within our Year 10 bubble.  The student was at Eggbuckland on Friday 13th and developed symptoms on the Sunday.   They have not attended Eggbuckland since.  The COVID-19 test undertaken on Monday came back positive today, meaning the student in question was in College for one day when they may have been infectious.


In order to reduce the number of students isolating to a minimum, we were quick to identify all the students with whom this student had prolonged contact and also those with whom they had sat next to in lessons.   This research initially identified about 30 students who have been contacted and informed they will need isolate.  Public Health England, have supported our actions and it has been agreed that no further actions are necessary to ensure all students remained safe at this time.   Therefore, only the students who were sent home today are required to isolate for 14 days. The return date to Eggbuckland will be Wednesday 2nd December.  For these students, Mr Crawford will be emailing information to each student’s email account with more details about how to access our resources and what you will be covering from home. Other members of your household can continue normal activities provided your child does not develop symptoms within the 14 day self-isolation period. If students at home have technical difficulties, please contact our ICT team on


It is ‘business as usual’ for all the Year 10 students who have not already been sent home to isolate.  If parents / carers have any concerns you would like to be addressed, please contact Adam Castlehouse ( or Mrs Kinrade ( 



Thank you in anticipation of your understanding and support, it is really appreciated.


Yours sincerely

Matthew Corrigan                                           


Wendy Cavell

Chair of Trustees

Covid update : information for our Year 11 parents - November 13th 2020 

Dear Year 11 Parents and Carers,

The decision to require the whole of Year 11 to isolate for two weeks saddens me immensely.   


Year 11 are an absolutely fabulous year group and we will not let any student down.  Live lessons will commence on Monday 16th November at 8:40am and will continue throughout the isolation period.

Please read the attached as it summarises how and why we came to this decision.  It also gives you key information about the next two weeks that you will need to know.


Your support and understanding during this very difficult time is really appreciated.

Best wishes,

Matthew Corrigan


Covid update : information for our Year 7 parents - November 13th 2020 


Dear Year 7 Parents and Carers,


Please read the attached document as it outlines the Covid situation and the necessary decisions we have made to ensure all students remain safe.


In short, we are expecting those identified as being ‘in close and prolonged contact’ with the Covid-positive student to remain in self isolation  for 14 days.  The rest of Year 7 can return to Eggbuckland as normal on Monday 16th.


As always, I thank you for your understanding and support, it is really appreciated.



Matthew Corrigan (Principal)

Covid update : information for our Year 9 parents - November 6th 2020 


Dear Parent / Carer of a child in our Year 9,


Advice for child to self-isolate for 14 days


We have been advised by Public Health England that there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19 within our Year 9 bubble. This student was at Eggbuckland on the Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. The COVID-19 test undertaken on Wednesday came back positive today which means the student in question was in College when he/she was infectious.


In order to reduce the number of students isolating to a minimum, we were quick to identify all the students with whom this student had prolonged contact and also those with whom he/she had sat next to in lessons. This research initially identified about 30 students and they were immediately collected by parents to isolate. Following a second conversation with Public Health England, we were advised that the safest course of action was for the whole year group to isolate. We have therefore had to make a very difficult decision that the whole of Year 9 will need to self-isolate for 14 days, ending Friday 20th November.


From Monday 9th November and over the whole isolation period, teachers will be preparing live ‘on line’ lessons that will run throughout the College day. Mr Crawford will be emailing information to each student’s account with more details about this.


You are being asked to isolate your Year 9 child to further reduce the spread of COVID-19 to others in the community. Students attending Eggbuckland from all other year groups should attend as normal and this includes siblings of students from Year 9 who also go to Eggbuckland.


If your child is well at the end of the 14 days period of self-isolation, they can return to usual activities. The return to ECC is scheduled for Monday 23rd November.

Yours sincerely

Matthew Corrigan - CEO/Principal    

Wendy Cavell - Chair of Trustees


For more information please - click here



Covid update : information for our Year 9 parents - November 6th 2020 

It is important that we keep you fully informed about an ongoing situation.
We have been advised that a student in Year 9 has tested positive for Covid.  This student was asymptomatic and was present in lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday ( up to lunch).

Initially, in line with Government advice, we have identified all students who sat next to ( or hard prolonged contact with) this student.  These students have all been collected and will have to self-isolate for 14 days.

We are awaiting further guidance from Public Health England about any further actions that we need to take to ensure everyone is kept safe.  I should know by lunch today what further action ( if any) the College will have to take.

Your understanding and support is appreciated.


Covid update: November 2nd 2020

We continue to live through uncertain and very destabilising times and our hearts go out to those most negatively impacted by the imminent lockdown.

As you will be aware, schools are to be exempt from the Government imposed 4 week lockdown that looks to be starting from Thursday 5th November.  For Eggbuckland students, staff and community, it is ‘business as usual’ and we look forward to welcoming all our students back with us tomorrow, (Tuesday 3rd November) at 8:40am.

Keeping everyone safe remains our top priority and as you will expect we constantly review our policies and practices.   In light of the increasing national and local ‘R’ rate and the imminent lockdown, we are to make some changes that will be fully implemented on Thursday 5th November.  Central to these changes will be the expectation that all students should carry a face mask and wear them at key times during the day. 


The details of when and where the wearing of facemasks will be mandatory is to be communicated with students and forwarded to parents on Wednesday 4th November.

Eggbuckland staff extend their warmest wishes to you.

Covid : October 19th 2020 


Dear Year 9 Students, Parents and Carers,


After conversations with the DfE and the Local Authority,  the decision has been made to require all Year 9 to self- isolate at home for a further 13 days.  This is to protect the community and reduce the risk of further transmission.   


Teachers will be inviting you to face to face lessons on Teams for the next 3 days ( Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd October) .  Friday 23rd  is a staff training day so no lessons will be scheduled. 

We look forward to welcoming our Year 9 back after the half term break on Tuesday 3rd November at 8-40am.


Please refer to the attachments for more information.


Student Guide for Using Microsoft Teams from home Student Guide for Using Microsoft Teams from home 

Kind regards,

Matthew Corrigan


A message from Simon Crawford


Dear Year 9

Staff will be teaching you live online lessons for the next 3 days beginning on Tuesday.

These lessons will follow your normal College timetable, including tutor time, and will be conducted using Microsoft Teams. We expect all students to be present on line if at all possible. If you are not able to access live lessons for any reason, please contact your Head of Year, Mr Calderwood (  who will arrange for other work to be set.

Please note the following;


  • Teachers will deliver live Teams lessons at the times on your timetable.

  • Teachers will be in College as normal.

  • Teachers have all been trained to use Teams.

  • Please use any device you can to access Microsoft Teams – you can even use your mobile phone.

  • Chose a quiet place where you can hear the teacher clearly and they can hear you.

  • Turn your own video off. Your teacher will be able to see that you are there but won’t be able to see you. You will be able to see everything they share with you on your screen.

  • Have paper and pens ready.

  • Your teacher will keep a record of attendance.

  • Do not take screenshots or record the lesson in any way.

  • Please behave as you would in a normal class.


Attached is a detailed guide to accessing Teams online. The first place to go is our normal College website and you will be able to log in from there if you follow the instructions.

If you are unsure of anything please ask either your tutor or Mr Calderwood for help. If you have technical difficulties, please contact .

Good luck and I look forward to three days of highly successful online Year 9 lessons.



Covid : October 18th 2020 




Dear Parent / Carer of a child in our Year 9, 


We have been advised by Public Health England that there has been one confirmed case of COVID-19 within our Year 9 bubble.  This information came on Saturday evening and as such it has been difficult to fully research which students may be directly at risk from ‘close and prolonged contact’. 


I fully understand the importance of making the right decision: imposing a full year 9 isolation for two weeks will inevitably impact heavily on our community for the next 14 days.  However, if from our research tomorrow (Monday) it looks like we can keep the number of students isolating to a minimum, this will help to ensure the majority of students continue their education with us until Thursday 22nd October, (Friday 23rd is a staff training day and therefore the College is closed).   


Therefore, it is important that you keep your Year 9 son / daughter in isolation at home on Monday 19thOctober.  Depending on our research and further conversations with Public Health England, this may be extended for all or some students.  


Students from all other year groups should attend as normal.  


For more information and guidance please follow this link - Click here


Yours sincerely 

Matthew Corrigan (Principal) 

Wendy Cavell (Chair of Trustees) 

Covid : 19 update - October 7th


It is important that we keep our community fully informed about all Covid-related incidents at Eggbuckland.


Today, one of our ICT support team has tested positive for Covid:19. The ICT support team work in a building removed from the Main School site.

This member of staff has no contact with any child and the members of our ICT support team with whom he works have been self-isolated for 14 days.

Public Health England have agreed this is the current action to take.


Please be assured, we will always keep you updated about such matters.    


Warm wishes to you all.


Covid Update : Monday 28th September


Plymouth City Council have made some changes this week to try and improve access to testing for children in Plymouth schools and school staff who have symptoms of coronavirus. An additional local testing site has been set up this week in Plymouth with support of Livewell.


If you are having difficulty booking a local slot, then please email explaining that the test is for a child attending a Plymouth school. The CCG team will triage those families with children and adults with symptoms and book them in for a test and provide information on how to get to the site. A priority is given to key worker parents, to help support the local key worker workforce and get staff back to work.


Please take note of this email address for future reference.


Warm wishes to you all.

Covid-19 Absence - A quick guide.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

Year group closure as a result of a COVID incident


We are required to protect the identity of the affected family, so please do not disclose any personal information about them.

If you have any requests or queries from the media please direct them towards MDC, as they will be dealt with by Public Heath England.


Why has a whole year group been told to isolate when there has only been 1 case.

With any incidents of a positive test result Public Health England ‘track and trace’ will seek to find as many people that could have potentially been affected and ask them to self-isolate to stop the virus spreading further and to minimise health risk to the wider community. With this in mind,  Public Health England advised us that the entire year group bubble should self-isolate as they have shared classrooms, resources and social spaces.


I have a child in another year group do they need to self-isolate as well?

The current guidance from Public Health England is that only those in the designated bubble need to isolate, all other children in the household should continue to attend their schools.   It is advisable to make sure that there continues to be high levels of hand hygiene in the homes of those isolating. If the isolating child presents with symptoms then the entire household should isolate, and contact for a COVID test.


As a parent do I need to take time off work?

It is down to individual families and households to make decisions about how long their child can be left at home unsupervised. If you have concerns about your child being at home alone then it is advisable that they are supervised.


Why don’t all the teachers and staff have to isolate?

Specialist staff need to move between the student bubbles to deliver high standards of teaching. To keep staff safe, they maintain 2m social distancing wherever possible, and have worn face coverings in corridors when it has not been possible to social distance. We have limited contact with students’ resources and materials and have refrained from handling books. We also disinfect the teacher area in each classroom and use hand sanitiser at the end of every lesson. These measures have meant that staff can continue to attend the College to deliver lessons.


I have other vulnerable people in the household, what should I do?

Every household will have their own unique set of circumstances. We are not medically trained to give specific advice on individual medical matters. We advise that you speak to 111 or your GP, about your own personal circumstances if you have concerns.




How will my child receive their education?

In the situation where the entire bubble has been required to self-isolate, we are able to deliver live lessons via teams and other social media. Your child will have received an email to their school email account with details of how to access this. If you would also like a copy of this email then please contact your child’s tutor, and they will be able to forward the email to your own email account.

We intend to deliver lessons via Microsoft teams during the scheduled lesson as per your child’s timetable.   Details of how to access Teams are in the email your child received from Mr Crawford. Students will need a device to access TEAMs and a pen and paper to participate in their live online lessons.

If you need support in accessing Microsoft TEAMS or your child does not have a device which will be able to support TEAMS, then please inform us by contacting our ICT support department (  

I am a key worker, is there an Educare facility?

We are unable to provide an Educare facility as your child is self-isolating due to a potential exposure to a confirmed case. 

What else is the College doing to minimise risk?

At this point we are not aware of any further contamination which has taken place at the College, and Public Health England have confirmed we have taken all appropriate steps.

As a College we are constantly looking at our practices and procedures, and making positive changes to minimise health risk. We will continue to keep our community updated with these modifications as they occur. The Year 8 classrooms and wider ‘bubble’ area have been thoroughly cleaned, and will continue to be cleaned regularly. As you would expect no other year groups will be permitted into these areas. In addition, all students will be updated again with COVID safety measures, the importance of handwashing and safe movement around the College during their tutor sessions this week.



Letter sent to Year 8 - FOR CONTACTS/ PARENTS OF CLOSE CONTACTS OF COVID 19 at Eggbuckland Community College - Advice for child to self-isolate for 14 days. Click here to download.


Covid update 12th September : Year 8 to isolate for 2 weeks


We found out late on Friday that we have a confirmed case of Covid:19 in our Year 8 bubble.

Working closely with Public Health and the DfE, we have followed their guidance and as part of the year 8 bubble your child may have been in close contact with the affected person. In line with this guidance, the recommendation is that your child should now stay at home and self-isolate until Sunday 27th September.  From Tuesday 15th September, teachers will be delivering live ‘on line’ lessons that will run throughout the College day.  Mr Crawford will be emailing information to each student’s account with more details about this. 


Parents of our lovely Year 8 cohort are being asked to isolate their child to further reduce the spread of COVID 19 to others in the community. Students attending Eggbuckland from all other year groups should attend as normal and this includes siblings of students from year 8 who also go to Eggbuckland.


If your child is well at the end of the 14 days period of self-isolation, then they can return to usual activities.  The return to ECC is schedule for Monday 28th September.


We appreciate that the news of this Year 8 isolation has come so late and will inevitably cause anxiety for our parents and students; I can only apologise for this.


My best wishes to you all.


Matthew Corrigan

Covid and face masks update
Thursday 27th August 2020


We do hope this update finds you well and looking forward to a September return to Eggbuckland.  We have put key information about the start of term on the College website that can be accessed by following the hyperlink:

As you may be aware, the Government has recently changed their advice to schools surrounding the wearing of facemasks in school.  Previously, the advice was that the wearing of facemasks was not necessary in any school.  This has now been updated and the DfE has stated that, “Nationwide, while the Government is not recommending that face coverings are necessary, schools will have the discretion to require face coverings in communal areas if they believe it is right in their particular circumstances”. 

The document continued, “where the local transmission of the virus is high, face coverings should be used by adults and pupils in secondary schools when moving around the school such as in corridors and communal areas where social distancing is difficult to maintain.  It will not be necessary to wear face coverings in the classroom where protective measures already mean the risks are lower and where they can inhibit learning.”


Fortunately, the local area Covid rate continues to be very low and as a school we have taken a number of measures and precautions to minimise risk when our students and staff return.  Therefore, we will not be making the wearing of facemasks mandatory in any area of the College.


However, we absolutely recognise that some students will feel more comfortable and ‘safer’ wearing a face mask in corridors and / or in the classroom and we are very happy for them to do so.  Please note that masks should be plain in appearance.


Obviously, we will review this decision in light of any updated Government advice and changes in the local situation.


As usual, we extend our warm wishes to you all and very much look forward to seeing you again on September 4th ( Year 7 and 12) or on the 7th ( all Years arriving but at different times and locations throughout the day).


Exam Results Update for Year 11(and Year 12 retakes) – GCSEs and Level 2

Wednesday 19th August – 1pm


As you will know, here has been a great deal of uncertainty and several changes in direction with regard to issuing results for GCSEs and other level 2 qualifications this year.


At the time of writing, we are downloading grades from exam boards and checking each one of them against the grades submitted by our College at the beginning of June. (Centre/Teacher Assessed Grades)


Exam boards are working on a ‘best of’ basis where they are issuing the higher grade of the Centre Assessed Grades and those calculated by the Government’s algorithm. (The exception to this is Music where the exam board have stuck to their ‘calculated’ grade rather than College estimates.)


We are confident that we will be in a position to collate all grades today (with the exception of Health and Social Care that, we are told, will be issued next week). We will issue all grades by email to student email accounts at 9.00am tomorrow morning (Thursday) as per the original plan. Also as per the original plan, there will be another email that will be more personalised and address individual circumstances.


Can we please remind you that all concerns and/or queries should be addressed to


For technical issues, in particular for any concerns accessing College email accounts, please contact or 01752 720040



Kind Regards

Simon Crawford

Vice Principal


Covid:19 update 30th June 30th

I do hope this update finds you and your family well.

Key Worker Provision: we have proudly supported our Front Line families every day since the lockdown started in March.  However, as we ‘unlock’ and look to September for (we hope) a full return of our students and staff, we are to end this provision.  The last day that students from key worker families can attend ECC is Friday 17th July.

Year 11 and 13 results: It is important to us that reduce any anxiety that may be escalating as we head towards our Post 16 (13th August) and KS4 (20th August) results days.  A real privilege of being in education is to celebrate the individual academic successes with our students and parents.  It is a time to reinforce how proud we are of the determination, resilience and commitment of each and every student

However, Covid:19 has necessitated a change.  In order to ensure there are no large group gatherings we have made the sad (but necessary) decision to close the College on each results’ day and send all individual results home by email.  Emails will be sent between 9:30 and 11am on the 13th for the Sixth Form and the 20th August for KS4 and GCSE retake students.  Staff will be available on the end of a phone/email on both the 13th, the 20th August and the days following should they be required.

More details of these changes and ways of contacting us on these important days will be forwarded to students and parents soon.

Warm wishes to you all.


Covid:19 update 25th June

I do hope this update finds you and your family well.

As always, I want to thank parents for their ongoing support and open communication with us.
To address a few key questions that parents are asking:

1. For our current Year 10 and 12 students: please be aware that the Government is talking about delaying the examination period next year.  In previous years, the last examinations for the vast majority of students have been scheduled to close approximately mid-June. Next year is it likely the schedule will continue until late July.  Please do not book any excursions or trips until we have the closing dates of the 2021 examination series confirmed!


2. We are enjoying a very hot period of fine weather and we are keen to ensure students remain both hydrated and Covid-safe.  Therefore, we are ensuring that chilled water is available for all students from which to fill their water bottles.

3. We have been one of the few schools in the South West that offered the Key Worker provision every day since lockdown (in fact I think we are think we are the only school but will stand corrected!).   It is very likely that this provision will end on July 17th, the ‘official’ start of the school holidays.  As soon as we are able to confirm this, we will let you know.


4. There has been an interesting press release about the Government funding a tutoring and ‘summer catch up’ provision.  This sounds a very worthwhile and much needed initiative and one we would like to offer.  Details of this initiative are yet to arrive with schools however you can be assured that as soon as we have further details, we will let you know.


As usual, we extend our warm wishes to you all. 

Covid:19 update 19th June

We do hope the update finds you and your family well. 

It has been lovely to welcome our Year 10 and 12 students back to Eggbuckland for their ‘reconnect’ meetings with tutors.  It certainly reinforces how much we have missed you all!

At the meeting with tutors, each Year 10 student has been issued with a timetable of the times and days that their lessons are scheduled.  Over a two week period all students will be receiving at least one hour of both their core (English, maths and science) and optional subjects.  Year 12 students will receive one hour per week of each of their school based qualifications as well as one virtual lesson per week in each subject.  We would love to offer more face to face contact in school however the ultimate responsibility we have for Safeguarding students and staff currently makes this impossible.

Tonight, the Government is to release more details about the potential funding schools will receive to help close the academic gaps that may have opened up with some students over the last 3 months.  As soon as we are aware of any details we will let you know.  However, if it is anything like the Government ‘laptops for students’ initiative launched early in April (and from which we were allocated 17 which are still yet to arrive) it may be a long wait until any details and funding arrives! 

It will be a memorable day when we welcome all other year groups back to Eggbuckland.  Hopefully this will not be too far away.

As usual, our warmest of wishes to you all.


Covid:19 update 22nd May

Year 10 and Year 12

I thank you for the patience you have shown as we prepare for a phased re-opening of the College for our Year 10 and 12 students.  Frustratingly for us all, the plans we have made could be amended / changed / dropped according to Boris Johnson’s planned 28th May announcement.

Therefore, we are keen to offer our Year 10 and Year 12 parents a bit of certainty. 

  1. ‘Reconnect’ meetings between the Year 10 tutor and individual students will be scheduled between 1st and 12 June.  These meetings will be one student with one tutor at a time.  We have scheduled these meetings to keep to a minimum the number of students on site.  Clearly, these meetings will be kept 2m apart and the College has been prepared and re-organised to ensure we can safeguard students.

  2. If students are displaying any of the signs of Covid (eg. a fever, cough, reduced sensitivity to smell or taste) it is imperative to keep this individual at home. If any student appears unwell at College, we will isolate immediately and request that the are collected promptly by parent/carer.

  3. For students unable to make their reconnect meetings, staff will be making contact by phone at the pre-arranged meeting time.
    We intend to email and post our students and parents information about their re-connect meeting times, venues etc by Tuesday 26th May. 


  1.  Reconnect meetings with our Year 12 will be similar in principle to the above however these meetings will start from the 8th June. Information about these scheduled meetings will be sent to students and parents by the 28th May.


Year 11 and 13 results update

One important update for you involves the release of your grades.  Back in early April, Ofqual suggested this would happen in May / June.  However, the communication we have had recently from the DfE and Ofqual states they have reverted back to the original (and traditional) dates in August. 

Year 13 will be the 13th August.
Year 11 will be the 20th August.

Staff at ECC continue to be upset that we could not say a proper farewell to our exceptional Year 11 and 13 students.  We held both year groups is very high regard, we all think you were absolutely fantastic.    We wish those not returning to ECC in September all the very best; please stay safe, keep well and stay in touch.

We very much look forward to seeing those returning to us in September.   It is not beyond the realm of possibility that we can celebrate the Year 11 and 13  Leavers Prom with you sometime next year!

Half term 25th to 29th May

It the current situation it seems a little ridiculous to talk about half term!

However…..our key worker provision will continue throughout this period and will also be open and fully staffed  over half term to include the Bank holiday. 

You will notice that teaching staff will be taking a break from their on-line learning commitments over this period.  If there is an urgent matter that needs to be resolved, we will ensure that staff will be based at ECC to take your call.

Many thanks and warm wishes.

Coronavirus update 18th May

Whilst the national debate about how and when to re-open schools continues, we feel it is important to keep you fully informed about Eggbuckland’s potential plan for Year 10 and Year 12.  I use the word ‘potential’ plan, because we all have learned over the last few weeks that things change quickly!

Below is a summary of our intended direction for Year 10 and 12.

  1. From Monday 1st to Friday 14th June we are to invite individual students to attend appointments with their tutors (ideally) or a senior member of staff.  The purpose of this 1 to 1 meeting is to ‘re-connect’ with the College, talk through the independent work that has been completed at home, listen and talk through any frustrations or anxieties individuals may have about returning to Eggbuckland.  We will also be giving students their timetable and ‘keeping safe at Eggbuckland’ information for when they start with us.

  2. From the 15th of June we are planning for students in Year 10 to be divided into 2 halves.  One group to attend school on a Monday and Wednesday, the other group to attend on a Tuesday and Thursday.  With reduced numbers coming in each day we are creating a timetable that puts no more than 10 students in a classroom.  We aim for every student to have each week at least a one hour session with their teacher in every subject that they study.  It is likely that lessons will start at 10am and be completed by lunchtime (1:15pm).  Students will be able to leave College at the start of lunch.

  3. With reference to our Year 12, we aim to create a timetable that is as close as possible with what you received before the Covid:19 outbreak.  The vast majority of Year 12 classes have low student numbers and therefore we do not need to reduce numbers further to socially distance.  However, where numbers are large (e.g. psychology) we will endeavour to split the class into 2.

  4. We are asking that all students have their own writing equipment, drinks bottle and a supply of tissues.  We will, of course, provide the latter but it is preferable for students to have their own.

  5. For our community to have absolute trust that we are keeping their children ‘Covid-safe’, we are currently working hard to ensure the right signage, cleaning systems, PPE equipment, one way routes about College, toilets and classrooms are fully aligned to DfE advice.  In fact, part of the decision to wait until the 15th June to schedule actual lessons for small groups of students is to ensure all possible safety precautions are in place.

I do hope the above gives you a good understanding of our potential re-opening to Year 10 and 12 students.  We will, of course, still be providing on-line work for students not in these years.

Should parents wish to forward us information about a change to their present circumstances or want to express their thoughts about our potential plans without the Facebook audience having access, please email  We will endeavour to answer these within a working day.

As always we send our warm wishes to you all and look forward to welcoming some of you back to ECC soon.


Update 12th May 2020 : year 10 and Year 12 please take note


Things change quickly!

Just after 7pm last night the Department for Education released further guidance with regards to the return of our Year 10 and 12 students to school.  This guidance titled ‘Coronavirus: implementing protective measures in education and childcare settings’ clarifies the anticipated return to ECC at the start of June and not July as stated in an earlier Government document.   I thought it would be useful to keep you fully up to date.

The key paragraph in the guidance relating to secondary schools is as follows:

'From 1 June 2020, we expect that secondary schools and colleges will be able to offer some face to face contact with year 10 and year 12 pupils. This will not be a return to full timetables or pupils back in school or college full time, rather some support to supplement pupils’ remote education.'

The emphasis on ‘some face to face’ and ‘not a return to full timetables’ suggests that schools will have some flexibility and creativity in the education they offer during this period.  

ECC staff are really keen to welcome our students back but we will not compromise on the health and safety of students, their families and staff. 


Over the next two weeks we will be busy planning a safe and purposeful phased return for our excellent Year 10 and 12 students. 


We look forward to communicating these plans with you over the coming two weeks.

As always, we send you our warmest wishes and hope you and your families are keeping well.


Coronavirus update 12th May

Paper and exercise books!

I know that many students are working hard at home and we are really proud of you.  It shows real drive, determination and commitment to keep up with your studies so a sincere ‘well done’ to you. 

A few students have requested more plain / lined paper and exercise books. We will be very happy to provide this weekday mornings 8:30am to 9am.

 If you report to our Main Reception we will ensure a member of staff is on duty with a supply.  As you will have experienced in your local supermarket, should there be more than one student present please stay behind the 2 meter markers.  This will ensure you are kept at the correct distance apart from each other.

Best wishes.

Coronavirus update 11th May

I do hope that you and your families are well. 

Following Boris Johnson’s press conference yesterday and the publication today entitled, “Our plan to rebuild. The Government’s Covid:19 recovery strategy”, I have extracted key information for you that impacts directly on schools, students and their families.  I hope you find the summary useful.

Phase ONE starts today.  Home learning continues for all students.  Schools are expected to continue to offer ‘front-line provision’ for children of our key workers.  As you will be aware, we are proud to offer this provision every week day until schools are fully opened.


Phase TWO starts June 1st and has a direct impact on our families with children in primary schools.   Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 students will return.  This time line gives Austin Farm 3 weeks to ensure it can guarantee a safe and protected environment for all students and staff.  We will communicate these measures with you later in May to reduce any anxiety or concerns you may have. 
Children of key workers who may not be in these year groups will still be able to access our week day provision.  Teachers will still be setting and monitoring work for students in all other years.

Phase THREE will be ‘no earlier than the 4th July’.  Assuming that the 5 key Government indicators are still being met, a phased return and partial opening of all secondary schools in England is planned.  This will be only for Year 10 and Year 12 students, those who have important examinations to be taken in the summer 2021. 

Eggbuckland CC will work hard to ensure we protect and safeguard all the students who return to us in Phase 3.  These measures will be communicated to you later in June and I hope will help reduce any anxieties or concerns you may have.
Children of key-workers who may not be in these year groups will still be offered our provision.  Teachers will continue to set work for students in all other year groups.

Rest assured, if there are any changes or further clarification to the above phases we will let you know immediately.  As Boris Johnson repeated many times, these phases are conditional and may be subject to national or local change should the need arise.


Our very best wishes to you all.


Coronavirus update 5th May 2020

Bank holiday May 8th : celebration of VE day

I have had a few questions from parents about whether our ‘Key Worker’ provision is open over the Bank holiday (Friday 8th May).  Yes, our provision will be open this Friday and this will continue every week day until schools are officially allowed to re-open.  The only difference you will notice on the 8th is that we are not expecting our teaching staff to be on-line.

This coming Sunday we are expecting news from the Government about a (potential) phased move from our current ‘lock down’ situation.  Fingers crossed, the Government will be very clear about the impact any step down will have on schools.  A little certainty will go a long way ! 

More information on this will follow on Monday.


Warm wishes to you all.



Coronavirus update 28th April 2020


Staff and Trustees art Eggbuckland send you their warmest wishes and hope that you are all keeping safe and well. We do miss you all.


We live in uncertain times and things change quickly! I hope you find the below updates useful.


1) Eggbuckland Community College decided several weeks ago to support the community during the PPE shortage by making face visors. To date, they have distributed 600 face visors and 70 masks to GP surgeries, care and nursing homes, pharmacies, a special needs school and other frontline organisations. We have also donated two large cylinders of oxygen to Derriford for use in their Critical Care wards.


2) Our ‘key worker’ provision continues to be open every week day from 9am through to 3pm. Student numbers using this provision fluctuates from 2 to about 15. Should ‘key worker’ families who have not accessed this provision now wish to do so, please complete the application form that can be found on our website.


3) With reference to Year 11 and 13 examinations, the Department for Education have now suggested August as the date final grades will be released (rather than June/July they stated 2 weeks ago). It is an agonising situation for our super Year 11 and 13 students and we do feel for you. As soon as we have any more information be assured we will let you know.


Please understand that teachers cannot discuss final ‘recommended’ grades with any student or parent as it is Ofqual who award them, not us!


4) The Government announced that they were making funds available for schools to purchase laptops for some students to make working from home easier. We have completed the necessary forms and expressed the right interest however there will be huge national demand for these laptops and we anticipate a long wait for anything to materialise. Fingers crossed, we will receive some positive news soon.


5) The Government is still keeping schools closed and to date there is no official information ECC has received that changes this. Not knowing when there may be a partial or full opening of schools is frustrating for us all. As soon as we hear anything that suggests a change to the current state of affairs we will let you know.


6) If anyone is struggling with their on-line learning, please ensure you make email contact with your subject teacher. We will expect them to reply by the next scheduled lesson and to offer you support. All work can be accessed through our website.


7) Lastly, on Monday 27th April Mrs Ackrell who gave birth to a healthy baby girl! I have sent Mrs Ackrell our very best wishes and many congratulations. Mrs Ackrell joins Mrs Pickles who gave birth to a baby boy earlier this month.


8) It is nice to have some positive news in what has been a difficult period for us all!

Coronavirus update: Tuesday 14th April.

I do hope that today’s update finds you all well and keeping safe.   Staff at ECC would like to send you our warmest wishes and we all look forward to the day when ECC is open for ‘business as usual’.  In short, we miss you all!

On a positive note, we have now made over 200 Face screens and these have been distributed to local GP Surgeries, Care Homes, local supermarkets and other key worker sectors.  Until our resources run out, we will keep manufacturing as many and as quickly as possible.  Should anyone reading this have a need for face screens or masks, please email and we will try to support your request.

Eggbuckland and Austin Farm continues to be open to support our ‘front-line’ workers and we are proud to be doing this.


Year 11 and 13 update

 This time last year examinations were imminent for our Year 11 and 13 students.  They were at the ‘critical stage’ of their revision and very focussed on achieving their best.  No-one could have predicted the different circumstances that our Year 11 and 13 students find themselves in now!  

We do appreciate that it is an anxious time for you all.  For up-to-date information about how the Ofqual will award your final grades, please follow the hyperlink below.

Rest assured that we will do everything possible to ensure each individual is awarded the grades he/she deserves.  However, please understand that the final grade awarded to each individual student is ultimately decided by Ofqual and not the College.    Yes, we will use the range of evidence collected over the years to forward Ofqual our recommended grades however Ofqual have clarified that these will be subject to change according to the national examination data sets.

Ofqual hope to release final grades by the end of July.


Coronavirus update Friday 10th April


Some feedback from Lisson Grove and Woolwell Medical Centre about the Face Screens we made


I speak not only for myself but on behalf of the GP partners and all the staff in expressing our heartfelt gratitude for these supplies.


We are in very desperate times and much of the PPE we require is simply not available through normal or emergency channels. I've also been told you are helping out care homes and other key workers which is amazing as many of them are finding it even harder to get any PPE. I also work closely with some other surgeries in an alliance and all of them are facing the same issue.


Alternative routes like this are quite literally potential life savers for staff that have no option but to work closely with patients.

With Covid-19 now so widespread we have no option but to work on the principle that every patient we see is a carrier regardless of whether they are symptomatic or not.


Whilst we use phone, video and online methods for many appointments others have to be seen face to face which endangers the staff member and the patient. PPE is crucial at that point especially when doing close up work like taking bloods or changing dressings, which still have to happen even if they are also suffering from Covid-19.


I have attached a photo of one of our Heath Care Assistants wearing the visor and very happy to have it!


Thank you all again for your help.





Practice Manager

Coronavirus update. Monday 6th April


Personal Protective Equipment


With the national shortage of PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) being distributed to our key workers, staff at Eggbuckland are keen to do something positive about it! We have the technology and machinery to make face shields and masks and aim to distribute these to local key workers who may not yet have any access to any form of PPE.


Mr Crudington, Mr Roberts and Mrs Teddar are hard at work in our Technology classrooms creating the initial prototypes.




Coronavirus update : Friday 3rd April


I do hope that you are all keeping safe and well. 


As you are aware, we intend to keep our ‘front-line ‘ provision open on Good Friday ( 10th April) and the Bank Holiday ( 13th April).  So that we can get the staffing on these days right, please can our ‘front-line’ families respond to Simon Crawford’s email ( sent yesterday) to confirm that they intend to use this provision ? If parents can respond by email before Wednesday next week ( 8th April) this will be really helpful.


Year 11 and Year 13 examination results update.


The Department for Education through Ofqual has just released information about how GCSE / Vocational / A-Level grades will be awarded.  Rather than summarise the many key points from this document, it is probably more helpful to use the hyperlink below.


Please rest assured, in the coming weeks we will work closely with Ofqual to ensure our outstanding Year 11 and 13 students achieve the results they really deserve. 


Very best wishes to you all.


Coronavirus update : Tuesday 31st March


Our ‘front line’ provision was extremely quiet today! We fully understand that use of this provision will be volatile and do expect days where there is little (or any) demand. However, we will continue to be open tomorrow and every week day thereafter for the foreseeable future.


For families who are on Free School Meals, we have made a commitment from the 6th April to increase the financial support you will receive to £15 per child per week. We will be processing weekly vouchers to cover the Easter holidays and beyond. These will be topped up each week with the appropriate amount for your family.


Warm wishes to you all and keep yourselves safe,


Matthew Corrigan


Coronavirus update : March 27th


I hope this update finds you well and keeping safe.


As we approach what used to be called the ‘Easter holidays’ but now seems a ridiculous term to use, a few parents have contacted me to clarify a couple of issues.  I have addressed these below:


  1. Our ‘front-line’ provision will continue throughout the Easter period to include the Bank Holiday on the 13th April.  We will keep opening every day until the Government states that schools can open.  Please remember that this provision is only for the children of parents who are identified as ‘front-line/key workers’.  We have an on-line application that should be completed by a family who needs this provision in the future.  The application can be found on our website.


  1. Over the Easter period teachers will not be expected to make contact with their classes although I am sure some will continue to do so.  There will still be resources on-line that our students can access should they wish.   If schools remain closed after the Easter break ( and it looks pretty certain they will be), teachers will resume contact with students from 14th April.


Warm wishes to you all,

 Matthew Corrigan


Coronavirus update : Tuesday 24th March

Echoing the Prime Minister in his presentation last night, it is important that we are ‘working together we can beat Coronavirus’.

It is an absolute privilege to work alongside the proud community of Eggbuckland and there is so much evidence to show we are all pulling in one direction to protect individuals and families from Covid:19.

Eggbuckland community continues to offer provision for the children of our ‘front-line’ families. However, families self-isolating and following Government directions to limit trips from home to an absolute minimum has reduced the number using this provision to less than 10.

A message to our students: please communicate with your tutor through e-mails at least twice a week, ideally replying to their emails to you.

It is important to know that you are OK and are not encountering any work-related or connection issues. If you are, we will try to sort these out. Students can also email their subject teachers as and when the need arises. We will endeavour to answer these as soon as possible.

Best wishes to you all and stay safe.


Coronavirus Update: Friday 20th March 9am

We are proud to be supporting our ‘front-line’ workers.

Applications for our next 3 weeks of provision can be found on our website.

Please understand that there is a very strict criteria that applies to who we can accept for these limited places.  It is anticipated that we will be in contact to confirm successful allocations by 4pm today, Friday 20th March.  

Closing the school for the vast majority of students from Monday is a desperately sad day for us all however we do understand and support this strategy. 

My very best wishes to you all and my sincere thanks for the support our amazing community continues to show the school.  

Please take care of yourselves.

Update: Coronavirus: Thursday 19th March 9am


Eggbuckland is proud to be supporting our ‘front-line’ services during this extremely difficult time.


What we have learned from Boris Johnson


Schools will close for the vast majority of students from Monday 23rd March.


From Monday 23rd it is expected that schools arrange ‘child-care provision’ for parents who are ‘front-line / key workers’. The definition of which groups are considered to be ‘key workers/ front-line staff’ will be clarified by the Government over the next few days.


Eggbuckland will extend any provision for our ‘key workers’ over the Easter holidays.


A-Levels, GCSEs and KS1/2 SATS have been ‘cancelled’.No definite future plan has been given by the Government at the time of writing.Rest assured we will update you when we have any information.

As you can imagine we are in the process of reflecting on the Government policy decisions and planning how we can offer the best support possible to our front-line families. 

More information to follow soon.


Coronavirus update: Wednesday 18th March 10am

Dear Parent/Carer


It is ‘business as usual’ at Eggbuckland today.  However, with increasing numbers of staff self-isolating (on Tuesday we had 11, today this has risen to 23 with 9 being classroom teachers) it is increasingly difficult to sustain this.  For your information, Eggbuckland also had over 50 families self-isolating their children because of the vulnerable family members they wish to protect; these absences have been coded as ‘authorised’.


We expect that the numbers of staff and students self-isolating will continue to rise today and in the future.  Inevitably this will mean we cannot guarantee the safety or quality of learning our community demands.  As such, we have had to make some very difficult decisions this morning and we deeply apologise for the inconvenience this causes to our parents, carers, students and community.


It is important that we prioritise our youngest members of the College and the students who are due to take their final examinations in the summer.  Therefore, for years 7, 8, 11 and 13 the College will be open as usual for the rest of this week.  We are confident that we will have the staff and resources to cover this. We will inform you tomorrow (Thursday) whether this provision can be continued into the week starting March 23rd.  Some Year 11s and 13s have coursework to complete in Food, Music, Art and Technology etc.  Provision for this will continue.  Also, the GCSE pre-release Geography material is out on Monday, March 23rd and we are still committed to meet with our budding Year 11 geography students on the 23rd to support them with this.


However, for Years 9, 10 and 12 we are closing the school for the rest of this week and through to the start of the Summer term commencing on April 14th.  We have already prepared a comprehensive bank of on-line resources for students to access from the front page of our website.  This site will be live this evening on


 In addition, teachers when possible, will be available by direct email during normal timetabled scheduled hours to support your child at home.


I would like to express how proud I am with how our students, staff and community are coping in these extremely unsettling times.  Please follow the advice that has been given by Public Health and the NHS. 

Yours sincerely

Wendy Cavell                      

Chair of Trustees

Matthew Corrigan


Coronavirus update: 17th March 9am


The country has now moved into the 'Delay Phase' in response to COVID-19. We are continuing to follow the advice from Public Health England and the Department for Education. We want to reassure you that we are reviewing our practices and protocols daily and will keep you updated with relevant information through our normal channels of communication.


Following the press conference with Boris Johnson last night, the current guidance for schools is:


• students with a dry persistent cough and/or raised temperature are advised to self-isolate and not come into school for 14 days. Any siblings that also attend school should be kept home


• any child that develops a dry cough or high temperature during the school day will need to be collected immediately and kept at home for 14 days. Please ensure we have your up to date contact details so we can get in touch easily if this happens


• we have cancelled our planned sporting fixtures, visits, trips and all year group assemblies

An issue that I would like to share with you is very much a school issue but one that will affect all our parents and the Eggbuckland community. We have a number of staff who are considered vulnerable to this virus (e.g. those who are pregnant and those with underlying health issues).


In preparation for ‘all hands on deck’ we have cancelled all non-essential meetings, trips and external events to ensure we have as many staff available as possible during what may be a very busy build up to Easter. However, should we reach the point where there are not enough teachers to cover all lessons, we will work to the following:

1) continue to purchase specialist staff from outside the College to cover lessons

2) continue to use our own staff to cover their colleagues

3) divide one class that has no teacher between a number of other classes

4) set up large well-ventilated classrooms and spaces for larger groups and where students can access subject specific learning materials.


It is possible that we may find ourselves in a situation where with extreme staff shortages we cannot safely deliver lessons and look after large groups of students. If this does happen (and we will do everything to guard against it) we may have to release a whole year group. Years 9, 10 and 12 will be the first years we will consider releasing. As in our extreme weather policy, all parents will be contacted to give their permission that their child will be collected or can walk home before we release a student.


As a final note there was some social media last night claiming that there was no soap in the toilets. Please be assured this is not the case. We check every morning, every break and every lunch. We also have a team of students who report back to me every day should any of the soap dispensers be damaged, empty or leaking. Every day our cleaning team disinfect targeted areas of the College to include door handles, hand rails etc.


As usual, please refer to our College website for further information. This will be updated daily or when the need arises.


Very best wishes to you all,

Matthew Corrigan


March 16th 2020


What are the symptoms?  There are usually 3 symptoms, a fever, a cough and shortness of breath.


How can the virus be transferred? 

Secretions can be directly transferred into the mouths or noses of people who are nearby (within 2 meters) or could be inhaled into the lungs.  It is possible that someone can be infected by touching a surface or object that has been contaminated with respiratory secretions and then touching their own mouth, nose or eyes.
Public Health UK are stating that an individual is only contagious if they are displaying one or more of the coronavirus symptoms.


What is the time line from contracting the virus to having the symptoms?
People show the symptoms within 2 weeks of the original contamination.


What should schools do about students and staff who have returned from designated areas?
Most foreign destinations with ‘coronavirus hotspots’ have closed their borders. However, people who have returned from Category 2 (Covid:19 recognised hotspots) specified countries/areas in the last 14 days, are advised to continue with their everyday life.  They are only advised to stay at home and self-isolate if they develop symptoms. Pupils, students and staff should continue to attend school or university, including their siblings attending the same or a different school.


What if any of those people (above) develop symptoms that are associated with the virus?
Public Health England say that the person should contact NHS 111 for advice. They should do this rather than visiting a GP. Whilst awaiting that advice, the person should stay at least 2 metres away from others, preferably in a room on their own with an open window. In an emergency they should contact 999 as usual. The advice may be to be tested for the virus, in which case the person should remain out of contact with others until the results are returned. 


What about Pupil Absence?

Some parents /carers may be concerned that their child (or a member of their family living in the same house) may have the Coronavirus and/or they have a ‘medically vulnerable’ person living at home that they need to protect.    Should this be the case, some parents may choose to self-isolate their children/families.  If parents make this decision, please contact the school via the normal absence procedures to report your child's absence either through calling the school on our absence line number 01752 720053 or email   Please can you quote self-isolation due to Coronavirus symptoms as the reason for absence. Your child must remain at home for a full seven days from the first day of absence.  The current practice is that self-isolation due to the Coronavirus will be viewed as ‘authorised’.

You do not need to contact us daily once notification has taken place, however, if Coronavirus is confirmed please update us so we can safeguard the rest of the school community.

The government advice is that you do not need to call NHS 111 to go into self-isolation. If your symptoms worsen during home isolation or are no better after seven days’, please contact NHS 111 online. If you have no internet access, you should call NHS 111. For a medical emergency dial 999.
As of today the Government have advised schools to cancel overseas trips in the short term, as a parent you will be contacted separately if this affects your child.

What action should schools take if a member of staff or student has symptoms?
If anyone has been in contact with a suspected case in a childcare or educational setting, no restrictions or special control measures are required while laboratory test results for COVID-19 are awaited. There is no need to close the setting or send other learners or staff home.  Public Health England have confirmed at the time of writing that no school has been instructed by them to close.  


What if that person tests positive for the virus? 
If there is a confirmed case, a risk assessment will be undertaken by the educational establishment with advice from the local Health Protection Team. In most cases, closure of the childcare or education setting will be unnecessary but this will be a local decision based on various factors such as establishment size and pupil mixing. 


Protecting students against Coronavirus

We have soap in all toilets and students are aware of the importance of washing their hands and respiratory hygiene.  There are tissues in all classrooms that students can use.  We are regularly disinfecting surfaces in the busy and well used areas of the College.
For any student displaying the symptoms of Coronavirus, we isolate the student and immediately contact parents for he/she to be picked up.  Parents can then phone 111 for advice.

On line learning and revision for students at home

For students who cannot attend College (due to self-isolation or illness) we are developing a bank of subject specific resources for all year groups to access from home.  More information will be forwarded to parents and students when this resource is up and running.  All this information will be based and can be accessed on our website


Keeping our community updated

We will ensure the website is regularly updated with the very latest information.  Please go to to access this.