Science - Year 11 - Lesson 4

Instructions for Lesson 4:

  1. Find yourself a quiet space where will you will be interrupted for 75 mins (1hr15 mins).

  2. Open the attached paper (Foundation for Foundation Tier students and Higher Tier for Higher Tier students – Specimen (set1) Physics paper 1). Unless you have been specifically told, you will be doing Foundation Tier. If you are unsure, email your teacher. This is a trilogy exam paper, but suitable for all triple students too. Higher tier students should aim to do both these papers.

  3. If you can print the paper, then do so – if not, you will need access to paper. You can write the answers on paper.

  4. Set a timer for 1hr 15 mins.

  5. Start the paper and do it as a mock. Answers EVERY question with no exceptions, and use all of the time to add to any answers.

  6. EXTENSION: After the time is up, use your revision guide (you have from us on loan) to go through and add to any of your answers. Don’t be tempted to use ‘google’ to help you, as this will be counter productive due to it not being exam board specific.

Next lesson we will review what you have done.