BTEC Sport - Year 11

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Week beginning


Subject Topic

Introduction to unit 1 Exam in December 2020

Learning Aim A – Know about the Components of fitness, principles of training.

# Physical Component MMFABS

# Muscular endurance

# sit up and press up test – pros and cons

Key Learning points/big questions

1 – what does muscular endurance mean?

2 – can you think of a sports event where a performer will require this? Why and when?

3 – What does it feel like when your muscles have worked extremely hard?

Independent/Home learning

Revise key definitions

# muscular endurance definition

# Give a specific sporting example

# Explain why it is important

Linked Assessment

2 mark questions during each lesson to link to the topic that students can answer through out the lessons and model answers supplied by teacher.

Open discussions and visual aids

Encouraged to use their books as a revision guide


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Week beginning


Subject Topic

# Muscular strength

Why is it important? Key questions.

Types of strength

  • Static strength

  • Explosive strength

  • Dynamic Strength

Fitness test – hand grip dynameter ads and disads

# Flexibility

Fitness test – Sit and reach

Key Learning points/big questions

Why might flexibility be important to ALL athletes?


Who are the most flexible athletes?


Why are athletes at all levels encouraged to increase their range of mobility at a joint?

Independent/Home learning

Revise key definitions

# Static strength


# Explosive strength


#Dynamic strength

Linked Assessment

Practical lessons every 3 to 4 lessons where students can physically do the Physical COF that they are testing.


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Week beginning


Subject Topic

# Aerobic Endurance

Fitness test – Forestry step test


# body composition

Fitness test – skin fold calliper test

Key Learning points/big questions


1 – Games players on average need excellent Aerobic Endurance.  Explain why? (2 marks)

2 – What is the difference between aerobic endurance and muscular endurance? (2 marks)

What does body composition mean?

Independent/Home learning

How to structure your answer:

P – Point identify the main answer point

E – Example Provide a practical example

E – Explain Give reasons and justifications

Linked Assessment

Example questions

Model answers


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Week beginning


Subject Topic

# Speed

Distance divided by time taken

How its measured and why we use it in sport and exercise.


Different types of speed

# Accelerative Speed (you start moving)

# Pure Speed (your maximum speed)

# Speed Endurance


Test for speed – 35m Sprint test

Reliability and Validity of this test

Advantages and disadvantages

Key Learning points/big questions

Why is speed important in sport?

Find three examples of speed in any sport?

e.g. 100m sprint – is the quickest person to cross the line before anyone else.


Come up with reasons why ‘Speed’ is more important in a particular sport

# You will explain and debate why speed is important, stating what type of speed they use, when they will use it and why.

# Ensure you are able to Justify your point of view

Independent/Home learning

Rank order the 10 sports that you deem ‘Speed’ to be of most importance:

Boxing        Volleyball

Football      Badminton

Netball        Table tennis

Hockey        Rugby

Basketball   Tennis


Extension question:

Explain which type of speed is most important to a footballer and why – 2 marks

Linked Assessment

Speed 35m sprint test.


How did they do?


Were they hindered by anything ….?? Open discussion or written answers.


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Week beginning


Subject Topic

Revision lesson on Physical Component of Fitness

Mini tests at the end of the week focusing on the following:

Recapping a photo board and identifying which Physical COF each athlete needs and why.

Key Learning points/big questions

Create notes / flash cards where they can use these for their final exam.

Students encouraged to re-write work in their own words.

Independent/Home learning

Linked Assessment

Mini Mock on Physical Component of fitness

How to answer the long 6-8 mark questions and using notes to revise


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Week beginning


Subject Topic

Skill related Component of fitness


A – Agility

B – Balance

C – Co-ordination

P – Power

R – reaction time


# Agility

# what does it look like?

# How to test for agility

# Exam style questions.



Types of balance

# Static and Dynamic

Key Learning points/big questions

Types of tests used to test agility

# Illinois Agility Test




Tests for balance – stork test

Independent/Home learning

Key definitions

# Agility

Linked Assessment

Exam style questions:

1 – explain the terms agility and co-ordination (2 Marks)

2 – explain how good co-ordination aids agility (2 marks)


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Week beginning


Subject Topic

# Co-ordination

Why do we need to be able to move two body parts smoothly and with control in a sporting activity?

Key Learning points/big questions

Type of fitness test

# Wall ball throw test

Advantages and disadvantages?


Pairs task – both football and netball players need excellent co-ordination

However, when tested the football players results were poor on the wall ball test.

1 – using your knowledge of fitness tests explain why?

With your partner can you design a fair test?

Independent/Home learning

Key Definitions

# Co-ordination

1 – Hand eye

2 – Foot eye

3 – hand to hand

Linked Assessment

Progress checker


Explain why it is important for a 100m


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