PE GCSE - Year 10

Week Beginning - 1st June

What I will be learning about - Musculo-skeletal System work

What I will need to know or be able to do by the end of the week

  1. Complete label diagram of skeleton

  2. Complete label diagram of the muscles

  3. Complete Muscular System Worksheet (Worksheet 1)

  4. Complete Skeletal System Worksheet (Worksheet 2)

  5. Access GCSE PE Muscular-skeletal system lessons and quizzes - Complete the quizzes for each of the following subjects (use video lesson resource provided on website to help answer the questions):

  • types of bones

  • types of joints

major muscles of the human body

Resources I will need to use




Short lessons and multiple choice quizzes -

Personal Exercise Programme


  1. Complete your training according to your timetable- this might mean that you have 2 sessions a week to complete

  2. Complete your review of sessions including information on your actual sessions plan (HRs, adaptations etc)

  3. Plot all HRs onto the excel spreadsheet week by week

  4. Plot all of your weeks HRs onto the same graph to show the difference in fitness

  5. Discuss the strengths and weakness of your programme.

  6. Discuss your SMART targets in relation to your outcomes? Did your programme meet the SMART targets how/why do you know that?

  7. Link to any game play performance data to back up meeting or not meeting your targets

  8. What would you do differently next time if you were to create the programme?

This will nearly finish off your PEP work.


Use Bitesize to revise previous areas of learning.

  • BBC bitesize

    • Secondary

      • England- GCSE

        • Scroll down to Physical education

          • Edexcel

Or use link below:

Revise everything from Physical Training down to Exam skills. I would like screen shots or write ups of all the exam questions that you have taken.

Future Learning

When you feel confident in these areas have a look forward to our next and final unit of work- ‘Applied Anatomy and Physiology’. Please make notes either in your book or on lined paper of the information you have written. Please keep this information as it will aid your start in this unit after Easter.

Other useful websites


Email has been sent to access this resource. Really good interactive revision material.


Most of you are logged into this, if you are not please do so as there as lots of resources in all subjects available. Group assignment with videos to watch- 10B/ss1.

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