Michaela Bottomley - Community Trustees

Bottomley M Ms 2015.JPG

Name: Michaela Bottomley

Position held: Community Trustee
Responsibilities: Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction, holding the CEO/Principal to account for the educational performance across the MAT of its pupils, and the performance of its staff; and overseeing and ensuring effective financial performance.

Profile:  I decided to become a Trustee 6 years ago before my daughter started secondary school at Eggbuckland Community College. This was with a view to gain an insight into how the College is run and how I can be a part of helping my child’s transition and to use that experience to benefit others as well.

Becoming a Trustee has given me the opportunity to share my skills and at times has been extremely rewarding; I feel that I have helped make a difference. 


At times fraught with frustration and sometimes disbelief at changing national policy, archaic (by business standards) process and had to have the patience required to feel the impact of change. It’s not a quick fix job. Whilst of course at the heart of all this activity is our children. They aren’t tins of beans but human beans! Not commodities that are quite as easy to forecast, profile and manage!

I feel that I am part of a great team of people who have the skills, volunteer a lot of their time and who are accountable for some very serious issues like safeguarding, financial management etc… Being a Manager in the Civil Service has helped me be an effective trustee utilizing those transferable skills gain through 30+ years of service.

My personal interest is also volunteering for the charitable side of Plymouth Argyle and of course, I love the odd Karaoke down the pub with the girls.

My husband also is the under 18, s manager for Argyle Ladies football which of course I support and help as required. (PS cleaning the kit)

I proud to say I am a Trustee at ECC and will continue as long as they need me.


Trustees Meeting Overview 2019-20 (v4 16