Computer Science - Year 7

Year 7   Summer 2     Microbit   Lesson 1 and 2


This project would normally involves coding a BBC micro:bit. You can code the micro:bit using a range of languages including an ‘editor’, similar to ‘Scratch’, using code blocks that you can drag and drop.


The online coding environment includes an ‘emulator’ (basically a simulator), so although you won’t have access to a physical BBC micro:bit, you will still be able to run your code and interact with the programs using the emulator.


Follow the instructions in this PowerPoint for Lessons 1 and 2:


Lesson 1 Objectives

  • Understand the functions of the Micro:bit

  • Understand how to set up the Micro:bit

  • Program your Micro:bit with a flashing heart


Lesson 2 Objective

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to use a Micro:bit to perform a number of functions.

Click the link below to download your Knowledge Organiser.