Computer Science - Year 9

Password for PDF: zz2ghc4

Hi all,


Here's my plan from Easter until the end of the Summer term:



I will re-teach everything from the end of Spring 1 (end of January) when we meet again!


The two columns represent our different lessons, as we sometimes alternated topics during a given week. So at this point we will proceed with '1.5 Network Topologies, Protocols and Layers'.



  1. Students will be able to identify a Star and Mesh Topology

  2. Students will be able to compare Advantages and Disadvantages of Wi-Fi and Ethernet

  3. Explain what encryption is 

  4. Know what layers are and their role 

  5. Be able to explain the role of each layer 

  6. Understand the concept of Packet Switching 


  1. Save the two attached files

  2. The revision file is a great starting point for all research as its notes on the entire course. Password is: zz2ghc4

  3.  The learning grid covers, again, the whole course. You may have a copy of this in your 'My Documents' which may have some sections already completed - use this if you can access it. Otherwise use the one attached during lock down then you can send to your school email for uploading when normality returns.

  4.  To achieve the objectives for '1.5 Network Topologies, Protocols and Layers' use the revision guide to help you answer all the questions on this topic in the 'learning grid'.

  5.  I know it's tempting to copy and paste, however I would encourage you to edit your answers as the 'learning grid' is potentially a great revision resource if the information is short and concise!

I will check my emails everyday so don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions and I will update the 'online learning' section of Computer Science to reflect the weekly task.


Any problems let me know.


Stay safe and healthy


Mr Juckes

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