Student Leadership

The Scheme
The scheme is a leadership programme. It provides opportunities for students throughout the College to demonstrate their leadership skills. The programme recognises leadership skills by grading them from entry level to grade four. Student Leadership Grade 1-4 is accredited through the ASDAN Level 2 Certificate of Personal Effectiveness.
The Student Leadership Team
The Student Leadership Team (SLT) – this is the student voice of the College. Each House will elect a House Student Leadership Team (HSLT), which is representative of all year groups within the House. This group will elect two representatives to sit on the whole College SLT. SLT will meet regularly, as on the calendar. All procedures for SLT are set out in the SLT constitution, which can be found on the Learning Gateway.
The Opportunities
Student Tutorial Assistant – STA
Anti Bullying Ambassador
Career Ambassador
College Support Team
ICT Access Managers
Student Receptionists

The Grades
Grade 0 – Entry Level - Apprentice 
These are students who wish to improve their leadership skills but have yet to demonstrate all the capabilities for grade 1. Such students are labelled ‘Apprentices’ .
Grade 1 - Manager
These are apprentices who have received training and demonstrated that they are reliable and dependable. They can be trusted to carry out their duty both independently and as part of a team. They gain the respect of others who see them as staff within the institution. They are trusted to represent the views of the people they manage.
Grade 2 – Team Leader 
These managers own any situation they are placed in. They are able to manage a team of people effectively, caring for their training and wellbeing. They are able to contribute to the whole organisation yet abide by the decisions of the majority. They deal with their power thoughtfully and do not pull rank yet do not shy away from difficult management decisions. They are trusted to represent the views of their team.
Grade 3 – Project Manager 
These managers have an understanding of the complex relationships within an organisation. They are able to problem solve by placing staff, training staff, monitoring, cautioning, praising and dismissing as necessary. Under their leadership, the organisation grows in reliability and capacity. Such managers are sensitive to the issues that may result from this. They are able to agree, work within and modify policy documents.
Grade 4 – Ambassadors 
These are managers who have very well developed leadership skills and have demonstrated that they are able to work with outside agencies. This may be to support other schools in the development of student leadership schemes or Connexions with the appointment of new Personal Advisers. Ambassadors are directly managed by an Assistant Principal.
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