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Safeguarding News - SnapChat

Dear Parents/Carers,
There have been some recent amendments to Snapchat which we feel is important that you are made aware of so that you can discuss with your child, and check their settings.
A feature of the snapchat update is that there is a ‘Maps’ mode, which shows all your friends (and people who have added you that you have not added back even if your preferences are open for everyone to see your stories) your exact location in ‘real-time’. There is also a feature called ‘our story’, when someone takes a snapchat of anything and they press to send it to ‘our story’ ANYONE and EVERYONE from around the world can click on the city or town where they live and see what they have put in the story, essentially seeing what they are doing and where they are almost instantly as they are doing it. 

To stop this information being freely shared, there is a settings button in the top right hand corner of the screen. Clicking on this gives an option called ‘Ghost Mode’, click on the little tab to the right it and it will turn green. 

The privacy of the user is then safe. For further security settings please see the link below.

For additional information please see the link below:

ChildNet have posted a thorough explanation of SnapMaps and how to ensure users stay safe. Well worth a read to share with anyone you know who uses the app

The Safeguarding Team 
Eggbuckland Community College.
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