Hearing Support Centre

Eggbuckland Community College Academy Trust is a Secondary College with a Hearing Support Centre for deaf students. The Hearing Support Centre (HSC) supports students in Years 7-13 who have an Education Health and Care Plan. 

The students have varying degrees of deafness, from mild to profound and use varying modes of communication (oral, British Sign Language – BSL, and Sign Supported English – SSE). The Teacher of the Deaf also oversees students within the College who have a hearing loss but do not have an Education Health and Care Plan.
The HSC opened in Eggbuckland Community College in 1985 after the closure of Hartley House School for the Deaf and currently twelve student places are available. As with any resource base the student numbers fluctuate and all admissions are arranged through the Local Authority.
The College aims for deaf students to have:
  • access to all aspects of College life
  • the widest educational experience
  • a relevant curriculum to enable them to achieve their potential.
The deaf students are placed in tutor groups in the same way as all other students within the College but they receive support in both the mainstream curriculum and in developing communication / language skills. 

Each student’s language, ability and communication needs are taken into consideration when planning individual programmes.


We aim to develop communication in English, whether spoken, written or signed.
This is achieved by:
  • maximising the use of residual hearing
  • exposure to spoken English at normal rhythm, intonation and pace
  • access to a rich language environment
  • the use of British Sign Language enable some students’ easier access to the mainstream curriculum
To give students the best possible acoustic environment for the development of their listening skills they have access to Radio Aids, conference microphones and Soundfield Systems. The Soundfield allows the teacher’s voice to be heard comfortably from any position in the room.

We are proud of their contributions to the life of Eggbuckland Community College Academy Trust. Deaf students have a broad range of academic abilities and talents and are fully involved in the life of the College.
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